Becoming A Proverbs 31 Wife

by Cherry Hills on December 4, 2012

Proverbs 31 is an important chapter in the Bible, talking about being a virtuous wife. I so badly want to be the lady described there… to please God, and my husband. While studying Proverbs 31 one day I rewrote in it “modern day ” practical language. I don’t think I will ever be exactly like what I wrote, but that is for sure my goal. Here it is……

Proverbs 31 : 10-31

• My husband has chose me for a wife, I want my worth to be far above rubies.

• I will make sure he always trusts me with everything. I will keep his secrets, not speak badly about him, not complain about him, or never say anything to embarrass him.

• I will do my best for God, him, and our family every day.

• I will not be afraid to work hard, and meet the needs of my husband and family.

• I will seek out healthy ways to feed my family. I will rise early in the morning, and make sure my family has nutritious meals for the day. I will pre plan my meals and be wise in what I feed them. I will cook ahead. I will make sure to have enough to feed anyone else in our home that day. If it’s a busy day, I will put dinner in the crock pot, so not to be stressed at dinner.

• I will keep myself healthy and fit, taking time to exercise, and walk .

• I will stay up late if needed to clean, prepare for the next day, and to meet the needs of my household. I will remember I am the manager of my home, and I set the tone there with my words and actions.

• I will help others, and teach my children to do the same. I will schedule service projects and volunteer opportunities for my family. We will look for others in need and be willing to help. I will make meals for people in our church family who are ill, or have had a new baby. I will volunteer to do this willingly without complaining.

• I will not worry about bad weather, economic crisis, job loss, or emergency. I will extra meals prepared, extra food and supplies on hand, and will try to build a stockpile to meet the needs of my family.

• I will try to wear nice clothes and not look sloppy. I will try to make my husband proud of me, and I will be attractive for him. I will remember to keep our love life exciting, and meet his physical needs. I will remember I am the only one who can do this for him, and take that seriously. I will schedule date nights, and nights alone. I will remember that after Jesus he is my first love, and he comes before my children.

• I will try to make my words honorable. I will speak wisdom to others. I will teach my daughter the skills she needs to be a good wife, mother, and home manager.

• I will make the education of my children a priority.

• I will not be lazy. I will watch over my home, and try to manage it with wisdom. I will not spend unwisely. I will think about my purchases. I will use coupons, and save money for my family.

• I will do everything I can to please my husband, and to be a good mother. I will seek a close relationship with God, and continually check the condition of my heart.


Jennifer Brady is a homeschool mom of four. She loves all things domestic! Homeschooling, cooking ,baking, couponing ,bread baking, scrapbooking – she loves it all! Jennifer is married to Doug and assists him as being the manager of Lake Springfield Baptist camp. She loves being a part of the Cherry Hills family where she participates in several ministries. One of her favorites is being on the women’s leadership team. Jennifer has a strong passion for helping women be good wives, mothers, and managers of their homes. “I love my life!”

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